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We want to thank you for your tireless work with our youth. We certainly believe that our children are our future and are the most precious beings on earth. It is our job to help give them the tools that they need to prepare them to live their best life.

With that said we are extremely excited that you have decided to join us on this journey. Wether you are doing one on one mentoring or are a big organization mentoring hundreds this lesson guide was designed to draw a direct connection between the reader and their immediate support system in life. As parents, teachers, and mentors are a student’s lifeline.

All lessons presented in the guide consist of objectives, activities, and assessments geared towards reinforcing
the many lessons and illustrations taught and described by Howard H White in his book. The Howard’s commitment to the reader’s is to entertain, inform, and spark a sense of motivation in the reader and this lesson guide’s purpose is to assist the facilitator in presenting the pathway for each reader to find their gift as well as “the inner me”.

We would love to hear your success stories as well so please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

If you need help understanding how to effectively use the program please read the “TRAIN THE TRAINER” info below

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Thanks again and happy mentoring! 🙂



A one day training session will include a breakdown of all lessons and the content as it relates to purpose, audience, and writers views. All activities as well as additional extension lessons will also be presented. Lesson objectives, driving questions, and classroom management of students are included.

For more information and booking, contact: Malcolm J Teasdale at Malcolm71675@gmail.com

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