Greatness Can Be Wrapped In A Simple Package

Greatness Can Be Wrapped In A Simple Package

Greatness or Genius usually doesn’t come in flamboyant wrappings and packages.  

They aren’t the loudest or the most charismatic people in the room.  For their secret is wrapped inside of them.  We see celebrity and athletes in all their glory.  Usually big people or charismatic people that we see on television.  That doesn’t mean they are better than everyone else, it just means they have a certain gift.  True genius is usually wrapped quite simply.  

This month and I hope every month let’s try and see beyond the plain wrapping of people.  This month we get to take a look at those wrapped in plain old brown paper.  The gift inside maybe the greatest gift that the world might ever see.  It might be the gift that advances human kind.  So, let’s pay close attention to what’s inside the packages that we see every day for you never know what’s inside the paper wrappings. 

 A good friend of mine lived with a woman for awhile that worked for NASA.  He knew that part and he knew that she worked with the engineers there.  he thought she was a secretary.  She was a nice enough person.  She was his mother’s best friend.  What he didn’t know until many many years later after a book and a movie had come out.  That she was one of the Human Computers.  One of the hidden figures in the book Hidden Figures.  

His Mother knew all of the woman that were played in the movie.  She said they were just nice simple people.  I had been to his house and she was just a nice person.  We didn’t know that we were there among greatness.  Greatness comes in many different wrappings.  So, if this month says anything.  To me it says treat everyone with Respect, Kindness and Dignity.  Because you never know when you’re standing or interacting with Greatness.  Because it usually won’t shout it out.  Instead it will probably stand quite lonely before you, quite plainly wrapped. 

 But, the gift it gives you just might open up your world.  Much Respect to each of you! 


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