The Bandit

The Bandit

It was Mandy’s Big Mo.  When I first got to Nike it was the person that I had first recruited when I coached at the University of Maryland.  Big Boy and I became very close while I was recruiting him.  Once school begin Moses was drafted by the Utah Stars.  He told me that, “He’d wrote down and put in his Bible that he wanted to be the first player to go from high school to the pros.”

He felt that if he didn’t take the opportunity to go when he got drafted something bad would happen to him.  He had made a promise to God.  When I started  at Nike my Big Boy had just come on board at Nike.  We were back together again.  Big Boy had always been Mandy’s Big Mo.  He was always there for her.  Moses was a part of our family.  Big Moses Malone, my Big Boy, Mandy’s Big Mo was always there for her. it’s all those little things that build one’s confidence.  The World Champion, Nike’s first MVP was always there.  Now that he’s gone, He’s always still there with us.  Confidence that you instill in another will never go away.  Thank you for always being there for us and a part of our lives.

Thanks for always being our Big Mo!

H and Mandy

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