On Top Of The World

On Top Of The World

Have you ever listened to Beyoncé’s song “He Still Loves Me” that says, “You go to bed on top of the world and you wake up and the world is on top of you.”  In this world there can be a lot of broken dreams.  The world is full of broken dreams.  Dreams that never become reality or materialize.  Basketball was going to take me to the top of the world.  In just a couple of years from not playing basketball at all, I became an All American and the Senior Class President at Kecoughtan High School. Then I tore my knee apart.

I still went to college on a full scholarship  and was the starting point guard at the University of Maryland. I was on top of the world again right up until my senior year after we’d won the NIT Championship.  My senior year I had to get another operation on the other knee.  The pro life was behind me.  Basketball wasn’t fun anymore.  All those dreams of being a pro basketball player died with those two knee operations.  I woke up and the world was on top of me.

Basketball wasn’t fun but the beauty of life is that basketball doesn’t get to define who you are.  No dream defines who you are. You get to do that!

“If you can have your dreams broken and never breath a word of your loss and stoop down and start building them up again with worn out tools.” A segment taken from the poem “IF”  by Rudyard Kipling.  Because the last time I checked the tortoise still won the race against the hare.  Slow and steady still wins the day.  I think one of the biggest things in life is Delayed Gratification.  In a world that everything has to be right now, Immediate Gratification seems to be the rule of the day.  I’ve had lots of broken dreams, but I never stopped believing in myself and the possibility of what I could do.

Don’t let your broken dreams destroy your life.  Just let them fuel your imagination and your work effort.  Because they don’t define you.  You get to make that decision yourself.  There are plenty of dreams out there.  So, that one or two or three can never be the end of them.  Find yours from within and one day you’ll wake up and be on top of the world.  Just never give up dreaming!

I may not shoot basketballs, but all my dreams came true!  And I hope yours do too!


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