What seeds are you planting or cultivating?

What seeds are you planting or cultivating?

Jordan and “H” in the beginning. Every journey has a start. A belief that there can be something far greater. 33 years ago a young man named Michael Jordan joined a company. A company named Nike with a young rep by the name of Howard White.

Howard White that always wanted to change the world! He had a program he called Seeds. Creating young people that could be planted in their neighborhoods to grow and prosper. Others would see them and emulate their success. Seeing a seed take root and grow was a thing of beauty. Same as a single spark. A single spark is nothing more then a small bit of energy. A single spark can burn down an entire forest.

Michael Jordan was a seed. One I did not plant, but simply helped cultivate! With the simple thought of bringing “Hope” to the world! I was talking to a close friend of my deceased sister and she told me that she has never forgotten my program called “Seeds”. In the beginning it was just a seed. When it became an apple tree generations could eat! What seeds are you planting or cultivating!


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