One of the greatest race horses ever.  Phar-Lap which means Lightening in Greek.  Phar-Lap was anything but lightening.  Phar-Lap was a consistent loser.  Often coming in last place in races.  He had become more of a joke then a Champion.  Until the young man that was the handler started teaching Bobby as he called Phar-Lap to race from behind.  It was a little boy who believed in Bobby and kept telling him how great he was.

The trainer worked Phar-Lap extremely hard and often would be disgusted because his champion was anything but a champion.  But, little Tommy Woodcock’s Belief never came up short.  Bobby started winning from behind and became one of the greatest race horses ever.

It makes me think of how many people would not let their belief in me die.  They would never stop believing in little old me.  When I could not see that I would be anyone or any body, they still believed.  Phil Knight the founder of Nike was one of those believers.  I’d ask how far could I go in his company.  He’d say, “You can get all the way to this seat if that’s what you want.”  I can still hear him say, “I believe it’s possible.”

How much do you believe and are you willing to champion someone when no one else Believes that it’s possible. Look in the mirror and tell yourself.  I will be a Champion and I will Champion one more person.  If all it takes is my Belief!  There it is!  I Believe!  In the what often is called the impossible.  But, it really is very Possible!



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