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Talk To Me

Secretariat And His Handler Are A Prime Example Of How To Inspire and Be Inspired

It was simply right up the street.  Well not quite right up the street but it was only right outside of Richmond.  By google it’s 2 hours and 52 minutes or 95.3 miles from my hometown of Hampton, Va.  When I would drive up to Maryland to attend school or drive from Maryland back home I would pass right by Doswell.  The sign on the road in green said Doswell.  The home of Secretariat whom in 1972 won the triple crown which no horse had won in twenty five years.  Seeing that sign and thinking about the greatness that was possible in Doswell told me that greatness could be found anywhere.

When you see Secretariat you can’t tell how great the inner spirit is until it’s unleashed on a track.  The groom walking with him probably could see it.  And probably encouraged it.  It was his talk to him that gave him more encouragement.  There’s no one better Big Red, no one better.  The voice that gets the greatest amount of airtime in your head space is noticeably one voice, and that overwhelmingly is your voice.  Your self talk to yourself and sometimes you get to also project that voice onto others.  You can be a champion or a groomsman to someone else.

Doswell, Va. the home of Secretariat wasn’t that far from Hampton.  I could have that same greatness within me.  I could think of myself as the greatest and tell myself that it was mine.  Talk to me and tell me your secrets and how great you want to be.  Tell me that you see me as a Champion.  I’m not a person with a dad gone or a failure or a loser, but a person that has championship blood running through their veins.  And when you get to tell someone else how great they are you do it gladly.  And not because you might get some award or recognition, but because you care.  Because you know that you have the power within you to influence another human or another living soul on the planet.

I didn’t show you the handler because it really doesn’t matter who the champion is.  Give yourself to something or someone that can make a difference.  I have Championed many and I have been Championed by many, but me talking to me has been by far my greatest asset.  What are you telling yourself and to others.  Do you choose to see the Champion in yourself, or do you let those little treads of doubt dominate your conversation that you have with yourself.  You get to choose!  Doswell, Va really wasn’t that far away and it was even a closer distance to travel inside of my head.  Talk to me and tell me all the great things that I CAN BE!


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