Who Are We?

Who Are We?

You have the power and strength of a mountain or a river or a universe.

As I looked out to see the beauty of Mount Hood as I flew past it.  I’m sure that everyone else took that same look.  What did that glance provide them with.  Was it a glance at a mountain or a river or a look into time?  A look into the past or a glimpse into the future.  The power that has stood for it’s eternity.  Or does one see not a mountain at all.  Does one see the life that is there on the mountain.   The danger that belies it’s beauty.  What lives in the woods that it holds.

The people that have climbed it and never returned home to be with their families or the souls that have climbed it and felt a sense of accomplishment.  Or did one only see a mountain without all the complexities that come with it.  Or you might look at the river below and only see the water that flows with the current.  Or do you see that life that it holds and the life that it gives.  What do you see when you look at a person or better when you look into the mirror.

Does one only see the person that the reflection returns or do you see all the complexities that come with each of us.  The emotions that each of us hide inside.  The life that we were born into.  The interactions with our parents and siblings.  Our neighbors and friends that have shaped our reality.  Or do we have the power to break those chains when they are not good for us or just become a victim of their embrace and enchantment.  Or do we have the power of the mountain to be our greater self and not let those things that live there control who we become.  Can we be like the mountain and stand majestic and serene and beautiful.  Or the river that flows not controlled by what’s in it.  For they only live within but they can not control who and what we are.

You are the power and strength of a mountain or a river or a universe.  Don’t be just guided by your weaknesses but powered by your strengths.  I see you the mountain!  Majestic and Strong and inspiring!  Uplift those around you that see you.  Be a tower of strength for others with the humility of the river below.  Know that you are more than just a reflection.  You are the image of Greatness!  Behold your Power!  H

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