Together We Can Change The World

Together We Can Change The World

It’s often the smallest of things that grab your attention! It was this picture that pulled my attention due North. My needle in my internal compass kept pointing to it. It is those of my daughter Mandy’s 106 year old great grandmother sitting there with her Bible in Hand. However small in gesture it touched my heart. With these hands I can move mountains or feed a family or touch a ❤!

As the years have come and gone and the Sun has made it’s way over the horizon to warm a planet from the East and each day set in the West. What have each of us done with our hands. As children we use them to find our way. As we grow we use them to build or hug or turn a page in our history. Often these hands provide for us. They give HOPE to a World and sadly often are used to DESTROY a World! The truth is that your Hands do what’s in your Heart.

I imagined them speaking to me. “ Gather around me Children, Share your Heart, your Mind your Fear! And I can be a Warrior for those who are Frail and Weak! And I can be a Warrior for those who Search and Seek!” Thus spoke the And I Warrior as She Stood there Redwood tall. I spoke a prayer of Wisdom for the And I Warrior in us All!

You And I Together Can Change The World! With our hands we can build our communities or our world! It may sound maybe a might too simple, but it is literally Our Choice!


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